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NEWS | Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • The once-ripe fields of Balmorra lay barren, pockmarked by heavy artillery...

  • Jace Malcom pulled at the cuff of his sleeve. Living most of his life in uniform, he was used to things fitting a certain way.

  • Why go everywhere, when you can go nowhere?

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  • Following the recent release of the FFXV demo, Square Enix says it doesn't have time for a major E3 showcase. Key new details on Final Fantasy XV will not be revealed at this year's E3 event in June, according to the game's director Hajime Tabata.Speaking on the latest Active Time Report--a semi-regular video briefing presented by publisher Square Enix--Tabata explained that the team has instead targeted the Gamescom event in August for its next major...

  • Developer Iron Galaxy has released a new trailer for Xbox One fighting game Killer Instinct that shows off the fiery fighter Cinder and even teases the new playable character, Aria.The video, humorously narrated by Cinder himself, shows off some of his deadly moves. One move allows Cinder to launch fireballs that attach to his foes, which can be detonated at will. "I like this new me: stronger, faster, burn-ier," he quips in the video.Cinder will...

  • Developer Avalanche Studios has aired the world's first look at Just Cause 3 gameplay, with a video montage said to be captured directly from a console.The video showcases the extent of Just Cause 3's potential for unrelenting destruction, with helicopter dog fights, high-speed car chases, planes ripping through pylon structures, and entire facilities going up in plumes of fire.Between these scenes of destruction, the short trailer also hints at the exotic splendour of Just Cause...

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