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NEWS | Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • Nintendo is offering rewards of USD$100 to USD$20,000 in return for detailed reports of vulnerabilities found in 3DS systems via HackerOne, a “vulnerability coordination and bug bounty platform” based in San Francisco.“Nintendo is only interested in vulnerability information regarding the Nintendo 3DS™ family of systems and is not seeking vulnerability information regarding other Nintendo platforms, network service, or server-related information,” reads the company’s HackerOne page, in a desperate plea to please stay away from its...

  • Nexon, maker of the unbearably adorable side-scrolling MMO MapleStory, has released an infographic claiming that more than 17,800 years have been cumulatively spent by players in the game since launch.MapleStory is a light free-to-play MMO that takes players on a journey through Maple World, ultimately facing antagonist the Black Mage. Players level-up characters through typical RPG methods such as defeating monsters and working jobs, and can interact with other players via parties and guilds, and...

  • Paragon, Epic’s strikingly beautiful action-MOBA, has been overhauled in the Monolith update, announced last month.According to lead hero designer Cameron Winston in the trailer for the update, “the Monolith Update is not just a new map, it’s actually a new gameplay experience.” The attached blog post backs that up, claiming it has “faster, more action-oriented gameplay, but still a MOBA,” and includes updates for every single hero in the game.“We want to more solidly deliver...

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