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  • This week Europe gets F1 2015, Xbox One owners get SMITE while PS4 owners get Pneuma and Skullgirls 2nd Encore. The Red Solstice comes out of early access and Rocket League explodes its way into our hearts.

  • It may be tempting to dismiss Supernova as another generic attempt to enter the multiplayer online battle arena genre. However, developer Primal Game Studio has taken elements usually found in a MOBA game and mixed it with the traits of a real-time strategy game. The result? Something that plays like League of Legends meets StarCraft 2, set in a sci-fi universe. I had some hands-on time with the alpha version of the game and spoke...

  • Welcome back to GameSpot Q&A a weekly section where we ask our staff and readers an interesting discussion question about video games. Look at this as a forum where you and others can discuss and compare your opinions of this beloved hobby of ours. Let us know what your answer is to this week's question in the comments below!This week's question is:What is your all-time favorite video game quote?Video games can oftentimes be a medium...

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