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  • [UPDATE] Daniel Bryan closed tonight's episode of Raw by addressing his retirement, expressing gratitude towards his fans, and joining them for one last "Yes!" chant.The original story follows.Former WWE World Heavyweight Champion Daniel Bryan has announced his retirement via Twitter. The wrestler says he will be on tonight's episode of Raw to elaborate on why his career has come to an end.Due to medical reasons, effective immediately, I am announcing my retirement. Tonight on Raw,...

  • Criterion's former tech director Paul Ross is currently working with Three Fields Entertainment on its upcoming game, Dangerous Golf. Although it releases on the PS4 and Xbox One this May, that isn't stopping him from thinking about the "PlayStation 5" and "Xbox Two."In an interview with Edge, Ross talked about how he would think about the next generation of consoles when the team started work on Dangerous Golf (via VideoGamer)."What does a PlayStation 5 game...

  • Microsoft explains that Red Dead Redemption appeared on Xbox One in “error”, and Ubisoft clear up what you can expect from the PC version of The Division.

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