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  • The previously announced new trailer for the PC version of Grand Theft Auto V will be released this coming Thursday, April 2, Rockstar Games revealed today on Twitter. The trailer will run at 60fps. Rockstar also shared one still--presumably from the trailer--that shows a blazing vehicle and bullet casings flying out of an automatic weapon. Check back with GameSpot on Thursday to see the full trailer. GTA V was originally released in September 2013 for...

  • Polish developer CD Projekt Red's upcoming open-world role-playing game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt could take you 200 hours or more to complete if you want to see and do everything the title has to offer. That's according to senior designer Damien Monnier, who revealed the figure recently on Twitter.@Ryldux mmmm hard to say, if you do everything I d say 200+ hours. — Damien Monnier (@Bacon_is_life) March 29, 2015Previously, CD Projekt Red said...

  • Microsoft on Tuesday announced the latest update to its line of tablets. The Surface 3--not to be confused with the Surface Pro 3--is being called the thinnest and lightest Surface tablet ever made. It starts at $500 and will ship starting on May 5, though preorders for the device are available from today.Overall, the Surface 3 is aimed at offering a more affordable alternative to the Surface Pro 3, which starts at $800. “We've taken...

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