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NEWS | Star Wars: The Old Republic

  • XCOM 2 is wearing its PC pride on its sleeve. The upcoming strategy game is a confirmed PC exclusive, with creative director Jake Solomon previously stating that the game couldn't have been made in the same way on the current generation of consoles. We recently spoke to Solomon about why PC was the natural home for XCOM 2, as well as finding out more about how developer Firaxis is planning to support mods and the...

  • Yager Productions, a sub-division within Spec Ops: The Line studio Yager Developments, has filed for insolvency, following the dissolution of its partnership with Deep Silver for Dead Island 2.In a statement made by managing director Timo Ullmann said the move was a necessary to reorganise the studio and to protect its staff."As single-purpose company, Yager Productions GmbH was assigned to the development of the Deep Silver title Dead Island 2," he said. "The insolvency filing...

  • If you logged into Miiverse today and noticed it looked and worked differently than you remember, don't worry, it's not a bug. Instead, Nintendo gave the Wii U, 3DS, and PC social hub a major makeover with the overall aim of making it more feature-rich and user-friendly.In addition to visual changes, Miiverse now has new features such as a Screenshot Album and a Play Journal. The Play Journal, which lets users file virtual journal entries...

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