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  • North American retailer Target has updated its Video Games hub to reveal what could be a PlayStation 4 price drop. The image below, live now on the retailer's site, suggests that a $50 price drop is coming soon, meaning the system will start at $349 instead of $399 in the United States. For now, this is unconfirmed.Target is also currently running a limited-time promotion where it's giving away $50 gift cards with the purchase of...

  • With just a few more weeks to go until the release of Guitar Hero Live, Activision is ramping up its marketing and promotional efforts for the music game. The latest example is a new video starring real-world guitar hero Lenny Kravitz and actor James Franco. The video, which comes from Entertainment Weekly, is brief, but Franco has enough time to make a quick joke about Kravitz's wardrobe malfunction this summer.Watch as Kravitz shreds in the...

  • Button-mapping won't be exclusive to the $150 Xbox One Elite controller that ships later this month. Microsoft's Mike Ybarra confirmed today on Twitter that the feature is coming to all Xbox One controllers sometime down the road through an update, though it's not immediately clear when that will happen.Asked why controller button reconfiguration is only available for the Elite controller, Ybarra said (via Polygon), "It's coming for all controllers soon."He did not provide a specific...

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